Tea Towels

Our tea towels are made of a linen mix (50% linen and 50% cotton) or 100% linen. They are very absorbent and feature modern designs. The collection is designed with great love for detail in Hamburg, produced in Sweden and refined there with our graphic print method of screen printing.

Our motto is mix & match! The different designs of the tea towels can be individually combined with the kitchen towels, the graphic sponge cloths, and sponge cloth rolls. – Depending on whether you love a crazy pattern mix or prefer a clean, minimalistic look.

Art.-No.: G111
Pali Pur taupe black

Art.-No.: G161
Pali Pur grey/black

Art.-No.: G112
Pali Pur taupe pink

Art.-No.: G162
Pali Pur grey/pink

Art.-No.: G113
Pali Pur taupe blue

Art.-No.: G163
Pali grey/blue

Art.-No.: G121
Pali Pur white black

Art.-No.: G161R
Pali Pur grey/black mit Rand

Art.-No.: G127R
Pali Pur white yellow mit Rand

Art.-No.: G121R
Pali Pur white black mit Rand

Art.-No.: G111R
Pali Pur taupe black mit Rand

Art.-No.: G129
Pali Pur white red mit Rand

Art.-No.: G221
Feather white black

Art.-No.: G222
Feather white pink

Art.-No.: G261
Feather grey/black

Art.-No.: G211
Feather taupe black

Art.-No.: G311
Triangles taupe black

Art.-No.: G322
Triangles white pink

Art.-No.: G361
Triangles grey/black

Art.-No.: G321
Triangles white black

Art.-No.: G421
Houndstooth white black

Art.-No.: G461
Houndstooth grey/black

Art.-No.: G411
Houndstooth taupe black

Art.-No.: G724
Diamonds white grey

Art.-No.: G621
Dots white black

Art.-No.: G6112
Dots taupe black+pink

Art.-No.: G6612
Dots grey/black/pink

Art.-No.: G5112
Zigzag taupe black + pink

Art.-No.: G5612
Zigzag grey/black/pink

Art.-No.: G5212
Zigzag white/black/pink

Art.-No.: G827
Urban Jungle yellow

Art.-No.: G821
Urban Jungle black

Art.-No.: G828
Urban Jungle white bordeaux

Art.-No.: G818
Urban Jungle taupe bordeaux

Art.-No.: G868
Urban Jungle grey bordeaux

Art.-No.: GL921B
Black Kiss

Art.-No.: GL921R
Red Kiss

Art.-No.: G921
Kiss white black

Art.-No.: G1024
Wild white grey

Art.-No.: G1061
Wild grey black

Art.-No.: G1021
Wild white black

Art.-No.: G7
Uni yellow

Art.-No.: GU6
Uni grey

Art.-No.: GU4
Uni pink

Art.-No.: GU3
Uni black

Art.-No.: GU1
Uni taupe

Art.-No.: GU2
Uni white

Art.-No.: GU5
Uni blue

Art.-No.: GMerryKissMas1

Art.-No.: GMerryKissMas2

Art.-No.: G1121
Stay Hope

Product Information

Composition: 50% linen and 50% cotton or 100% linen

Washable in the washing machine at 40 degrees Celsius

Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm